Role Overview: This position redefines the essence of a Sales Leadership role. Immersed in an exclusive market segment, the individual will take on the responsibility of devising and implementing our strategy for customer acquisition for our products. This role requires the integration of data and operational processes to fulfil organizational objectives, tackling complex challenges, engaging in strategic long-term planning, crafting winning approaches, and propelling sales-driven growth. You'll conduct analyses of competitor activities to maintain our competitive edge, deeply understand our market and products to forge paths for growth and expansion, and create and lead a sales team composed of autonomous thinkers, offering them the necessary support and direction to achieve company goals.

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Deadline: April 1, 2024

Key Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Lead the sales efforts of our products.
  • Utilize an in-depth understanding of market dynamics, consumer preferences, and competitive actions to shape sales strategies.
  • Manage end-to-end projects for top business priorities, from opportunity identification and project scoping to leading cross-functional teams towards implementation.
  • Cultivate pivotal relationships with key customers and suppliers at every level, crafting strategies for success.
  • Offer clear leadership, establish priorities, and motivate a sales team towards achieving our strategic ambitions.
  • Define explicit performance indicators, monitor sales outcomes, and apply corrective actions as needed to meet or surpass sales objectives.
  • Oversee the recruitment and management of the sales team, contribute to the development of sales assessments, and incentive schemes, and enhance the sales management framework.
  • Promote a supportive and inclusive culture where team members are encouraged to share ideas, take initiatives, and contribute to the sales team and organization's success.

Core Skills:

  • A customer-centric approach with a track record of adapting to market changes
  • Excellent coordination and persuasive skills
  • The ability to think inventively and develop novel sales strategies for a market advantage
  • Understanding of customer financial needs
  • Leadership skills capable of motivating a diverse team towards achieving sales objectives
  • Proficiency in using analytical software and sales tools
  • Exceptional skills in building relationships
  • Analytical thinking with an eye for detail
  • Competency in establishing and monitoring performance metrics to ensure sales targets are achieved
  • Strategic and effective problem-solving skills
  • Solid project management and organizational abilities
  • Dedicated to continuous learning about industry trends, sales techniques, and professional growth

Qualifications and Experience:

  • A bachelor's degree in business administration, sales, or a related field is desirable
  • Demonstrated leadership in guiding high-performance teams
  • Experience in managing customer relationships
  • Strong analytical skills with a data-driven decision-making approach
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities, capable of presenting and influencing at all levels
  • Skilled in data analysis and reporting tools
  • Thrives in a dynamic, team-oriented environment
  • An entrepreneurial spirit
  • Highly driven and goal-oriented
  • Robust business understanding and ethics

We offer a competitive salary and growth opportunities inside the company.