Product Manager

Job Summary

We are looking for a Product Manager with strong technical backgrounds to drive the execution and success of our digital product offerings. In this role, you'll develop close working partnerships with both management and cross-functional leaders, to identify issues or opportunities, develop plans and implement solutions, clear obstacles, and ensure quality. Simply stated, this position takes ownership over their product areas and ensures its success.

As a product manager you will establish the product vision, define the backlog, and maximize the value delivered by the development team. As new problem spaces emerge, you’ll drive identification and validation of assumptions through your strong product discovery techniques. And last, but certainly not least, you’ll work closely with key stakeholders and partners, ensuring successful go-to-market and communications strategies both products and our department


  • You are completely independent in your day-to-day work and question the status quo and/or propose day-to-day operational changes that seek to improve efficiency within the team. You have the ability to work effectively and in collaboration with colleagues in other areas/departments

Strategic Thinking

  • Understands how JABU works as a business
  • Expert in JABU products
  • Domain expert in industry and competition
  • Can turn ideas into implementable product
  • Identify new growth opportunities - identifies new products
  • Plans and makes strategic decisions -

Analytical and Technical

  • Manages and creates product requirements
  • Understand how to analyze product data
  • Proactively identifies product insights from data
  • Builds and executes product experiments

Problem Solving & User Understanding

  • Facilitates UX design process
  • Conducts UX tests and customer research
  • Demonstrates creativity and tenacity in troubl problems and resolving bugs
  • Anticipates problems proactively to prevent them from occurring

Collaboration and Communication

  • Builds strong relationships within the company
  • Contributes, initiates and leads cross-functional initiatives


  • Plans and manages organizational resources
  • Builds and improves product discovery and development processes

Competitive salary and special benefits based on experience