Perform and review ledger sub-ledger reconciliations for all balance sheet items

Perform and review inventory and tax reconciliations

Perform and review reconciliations for bank & cash balances; debtors; suppliers; inventory and control accounts.

Generate fixed asset register and fixed asset movement schedule which ties to the General Ledger

Establish financial controls (including end of day, end of month procedures) that are aimed to ensure integrity of financial data capture and aid in the process for regular reconciliations

Analyze financial data and trace discrepancies

Review financial documents to identify inaccuracies

Keep organized and updated records of all the financial transactions

Perform review of reconciliations and tasks carried out by the Cashiers

Build financial and accounting reports

Qualifications / Skills:

Degree in Finance, Accounting or Tax (CPA Certification)

Thorough knowledge of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and experience with accounting and financial procedures

Advanced computer software skills, including Excel and Accounting packages

Experience in working with multiple legal entities under different legal umbrellas

Strong investigative and analytical skills; ability to identify errors

Experience reconciling accounting figures and financial records

Appropriate handling of sensitive information

Reporting Skills

High level of attention to detail

Team player with the ability to work with multiple parties


Due Date

6 May 2022

And, we can tell you more benefits:

👨👩👦👦 Teammates: We work as a community, where there will always be someone with you to help you. The team supports each other, pulling together through the busy periods and always making sure to have fun and celebrate successes.

⏰ Working hours: Usually we are from 8am to 5pm at the office, but we are a startup, we work hard and we like flexibility.

🌍 Impact on the world: At Jabu, we want to positively impact the world through our initiatives. We are changing lives and you are going to be part of it.

If after everything we have told you, you want to join us, do not hesitate! Apply for this offer!