Job Description

Manage shift to efficiently execute both T1 & T2 load plans to satisfy internal and external customer service levels.

Key roles and responsibilities

  • Inventory Counts​
  • Physically perform and lead the morning inventory count process​
  • Identify the root cause of inventory count variances and put action plans in place through problem solving tools to improve t he Inventory Accuracy KPI​
  • Reduce Supply Chain Overheads through the utilization of problem-solving tools​
  • Create and manage warehouse management tools to ensure FEFO.​
  • Track and trend Inventory Accuracy​
  • Ensure movement of materials always reflects in the IBIS/Syspro system​
  • Layout Implementation​
  • Ensure adherence to the layout in line of certain warehouse activities e.g., Empties zone; Refusal zone; Order Picking zone; Repack z one ; Finished Goods zone​
  • Improve Quality Standards​
  • Manage, track and trend 1. warehouse cleanliness, 2. pest control schedule adherence, 3. cross contamination from non-food grade chemicals, 4. daily temperature control and 5. product exposure​
  • Ensure 75% Compliance to the Global Warehouse GOP​
  • Implement and adhere to a Location Based Inventory System to identify stored product​
  • Ensure adherence to blocking standards on non-conforming inventory​
  • Product quality induction program conducted​
  • Track, trend and manage repacking operation to conform to quality standards and to improve repacking productivity​
  • Picking Standards​
  • Adhere to a standardized picking process and ensure compliance through management routines to ensure a safe and productive process​
  • Track, trend and manage picking accuracy and productivity through management tools​
  • Productivity & Capacity Managed​
  • Ensure 75% Compliance to the Warehouse Labour Productivity GOP to improve the KPI​
  • Allocate and assign labour activities utilizing the SKAP tool​
  • Warehouse Management​
  • Implement, track, trend and improve 5S results​
  • Support the design of the management cycle e.g., Business Descriptions, SLA's, Process Maps, Indicators and ensure understanding by all warehouse employees​
  • Develop and continuously validate SOP's through management routines and tools and ensure understanding by all warehouse employees (LnA)​
  • Team rooms managed and updated through routine meetings to solve problems and drive performance​
  • Develop and maintain SCL routines and track adherence thereof​
  • Use problem solving tools e.g. 5 WHY, Abnormality Reports, SIC, OPLs, RACI's, OWD's, PDCA's, etc. to develop action plans to show improvement on PI's and KPI's​
  • Cascade KPI's and PI's to individual warehouse employee level, calendarize the KPI/PI achievements and monitor individual target​
  • Safe Warehouse Practices​
  • Ensure & maintain a safe warehouse operation driving awareness and compliance to all the relevant safety blocks​
  • Loading and Unloading activities​
  • Track and measure the PI of the loading/unloading bay allocation tool with action plans to improve productivity​
  • Track, trend and manage related KPI's/PI's e.g. TCT, baytime utilization , Hl/man Hour


  • ​3-year relevant diploma/degree​
  • 2+ years Warehouse and or logistics experience​
  • Highly level computer user (MS Office, Oasis, Handheld devices)​
  • IBIS/Syspro ERP proficiency

Behavioural Competencies

  • Team player​
  • Even tempered​
  • Communication skills (verbal and written)​
  • Good interpersonal skills / builds good relationships​
  • Superior planning ability​
  • Ability to work under pressure​
  • Good verbal and communication skills​
  • Good self management practices​
  • Strong achievement orientation​
  • Ability to adapt to and implement change effectively​
  • Excellent coaching capability

Additional Information

The advert has minimum requirements listed. Management reserves the right to use additional/relevant information as criteria for shortlisting.